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The Absolute Best At-Home Workouts

While personal training and regular gym workouts are integral parts of a personal fitness regimen, the home can serve as a great additional space for further exercise. So how can you incorporate fitness into your home life? Read on for inspiring at-home workouts from Jeff Halevy’s “Workout from Within with Jeff Halevy.”


The Pro Football Workout

Train like a pro with this simple in-home workout that targets lower body strength. What you’ll need: a chair (with towels underneath to protect hardwood floors), a rope about a yard in length, and a partner. In the push segment of the workout, have your partner (or weights) rest in the chair, loop the rope through the back of your chair and secure ends in both hands, and then push the chair across the length of your room. Next, try the “get up and go” sprint resistance exercise, which requires a large band and a stable object (with extra weight if necessary) to which the looped band will be attached. Begin the exercise in a flat push-up position on the floor with your wide rubber band across your midsection, then stand up and sprint across the room as far as the band will allow.

Martial Arts Cardio Mashup

Get your heart pumping with this mashup of martial arts and cardio exercises that begins with repetitions of a cross punch (twisting your core and alternating punches), while keeping knees loose and bent. Increase the speed of repetition, chanting to the affirmation, “I am strong now,” a recommendation from fellow trainer Patricia Moreno. Next, tuck elbows in and simulate a jump rope motion in place (without the rope) for at least a minute, moving onto alternating uppercuts that begin slow and increase in speed. Accompany this motion with the affirmation “I am inspired now,” transitioning back into the jump rope exercise, and then into an alternating hook repetition.

Pull Ups for Women

Looking to revamp your fitness routine? Jeff Halevy’s pull ups for women offers an invigorating, elongating exercise with just the use of a pull up bar positioned in a door frame, and wide rubber exercise band attached to the bar. Use the band for assistance by placing one foot in the loop of the band, and commence with pull up repetitions to target a range of muscles.

Couples Exercises

Interested in getting fit with your partner? Try these couples exercises specifically designed for a home workout. In these yoga poses, start with a hamstring stretch in a double down dog pose, which requires one partner to position him or herself in front of the other partner in the downward dog pose, moving into downward dog themselves, except in this case positioning their feet on the back of their partner and extending upward. From there you can move into an extended arm child’s pose, which begins with one partner kneeling, arms extended forward on the ground. The other partner will then press his or her lower back on the lower back of the kneeling partner, opening up along their partner’s back and reaching for their partner’s hands. Hold the extension and be sure to roll up slowly afterwards.


Yoga for Knee Protection

Prevent injury to vulnerable knees with these hip-stretching yoga positions. Begin on your hands and knees and tuck one leg in while keeping the other fully extended, and press downward. Next, with one arm reach behind to the foot of your extended leg, grab and bend upwards, and hold. From there you can transition into a double pigeon position, crossing your legs but resting your right foot fully on top of your left knee, and bending forward with arms extended. Other poses include lying flat on your back with one knee pulled in and your other leg fully extended. Place a short rope on the bottom of your tucked in leg grabbing firmly onto both ends of the rope, and extend your leg straight up. After holding, switch legs.

Fun Fitness for Kids

Fun fitness activities in the home are an easy way to put your kid’s energy to use. For a warm-up, have kids start with some light vertical jumping, transitioning into a “washing machine” movement by twisting their body side to side, arms loosely extended. Kids next reach both arms upward, and then bend forward to relax “ragdoll style,” grabbing elbows and holding. From there kids can transition into a low squat with arms extended straight forward and palms facing outward, engaging in circular movements (think wax on, wax off style), and reversing the motion as they rise and sink in the squat. Mirror-Mirror is another quick, fun exercise that can engage both parents and kids. In the same squat position, face your child and press palms together, moving your arms in a path of large circles. After a few minutes rise, breathe in and extend arms above the head before returning to a resting position.

Interested in even more simple, easy workouts you can do in your own home? Check out all of Jeff Halevy’s home workouts from “Workout from Within with Jeff Haley” that include multiple poses, exercises and demonstrations here.